Michael Carter Travel

Michael Carter Travel specialize in providing their customers with tailor made luxury breaks. For over 20 years their name has spread through Lincolnshire via word of mouth, thanks to their exceptional service; always given with a personal touch.

When approached by Michael Carter Travel to create their website, they made it clear they wanted these traits to be portrayed on the website as well.

Because of this, you will notice the formal yet stylish design adapted and the ability to contact Michael Carter Travel via phone or email on every page. Naturally, one of the biggest attractions of a holiday are the photos, and the design gives large amounts of space for these.

The highly powerful administrative interface gives Michael Carter the ability to add and edit all properties of the destinations, deals and testimonials added the website.

The website was created in PHP using the Yii Framework. Yii was chosen due to it's powerful scaffolding feature which enables rapid development. External API's are utilized to pull the latest weather information, and small amounts of JavaScript (with the jQuery framework) are used to add final touches to the homepage and backend interfaces.

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